Who is francesca annis dating

09-Oct-2016 20:28

She is known for films such as Dune (1984) and television series such as Reckless (1998), Wives and Daughters (1999), Cranford (2007), and Deceit (2000).The actor's American stepfather, Peter Maclaine, a former Marine, reportedly kicked Caulfield out of the house at the age of 15.“Ralph is a young man who may want children, and Francesca, although she looks so wonderful, is not a young woman anymore,” Mariquita said to the Daily Express.For his part, Francesca’s father, actor-director Anthony Annis, 84, believes his daughter knows best.

A grown woman cannot have a real relationship with a man half her age.

“Age has never bothered her very much.” With two careers running at full throttle, the couple have little time for togetherness.

Fiennes, now appearing in the art-house romance Oscar and Lucinda (and starring with Uma Thurman in this June’s The Avengers), maintains a four-story Victorian house in London’s artsy Notting Hill, where he sometimes drops in to the neighborhood’s ultrahip wine bars.

She, in her 50s, dated and was even engaged to a 23-year-old.

My rule, in general, has pretty much been 15 years on either end, i.e., 15 years older than me and 15 years younger, giving me a range of men with an age spread of 30 years.“It’s what they have in common,” says Anthony Annis.